Exclusive UK Distributorship for HL

Exclusive UK Distributorship for HL
Dec 1, 2009

Exclusive UK Distributorship for HL

Jungle Series in The UK

Healey & Lord Ltd has become the exclusive UK distributor for the amazing Italian Jungle Series of sanitary ware, here Richard Gates of Healey & Lord explains the product, the factory and the processess involved making in the Jungle Series:

"The Jungle products undergo a rigorous firing process in Italy, initially they start life as white ceramic sanitary ware (firing process 1) after having been hand finished by craftsman, after-which the WC’s are pressure tested for integrity one at a time by an engineer. The products are then taken to a workshop specifically for the Jungle range and the units are hand dressed in their patented ‘skin coats’ - the 3 ladies who occupy this workshop like to compare themselves to seamstresses at Valentio!  The products are then fired again at 1000˚ C in a small specialist Kiln, again specifically for the Jungle range before being returned to the ‘dressing room’ where they are checked by hand for the smallest imperfection, the products can be returned to the kiln a further 3 times before judged 100% fit for release onto the market.  None of the Jungle products are stocked at the factory and each of our orders is essentially a one off and every finish will be slightly different – indeed Healey & Lord Ltd stock more Jungle here in the UK than the factory does in Italy. Healey & Lord is the sole UK stockist and distributor – members of the public can buy direct from us or go through a retailer.  The small ceramics factory is situated just outside Rome in some very attractive traditional Southern Italian countryside, however the factory itself is absolutely cutting edge (including a futuristic building) with the focus on fashion & design, superb quality - not quantity." The Haute Couture Jungle range is continually evolving and each season the factory will bring out a new style of basin or skin finish. Finishes currently available are:

Snake NaturalSnake RedSnake BrownCrocodileIguana IceIguana Ice BlackCavallino (piebald pony)Coco Black Coco White

The current Jungle catalogue can be downloaded at the bottom of pagewww.healeyandlord.com/products/product/coco-back-wall-wcs/