Healey & Lord Far East Announcement

Healey & Lord Far East Announcement
Sep 24, 2007

Healey & Lord Far East Announcement

Healey & Lord Heads for Europe

Healey & Lord Customer Announcement


 Dear All,

Over the past 5 years Healey & Lord Ltd has succeeded in bringing you a range of competitive sanitary ware, however in light of the recent supply chain issues emanating from the Far East we have takenthe decision to move production into Europe where we will be bringing you a very exciting new range of products that will be available from mid October.

These will be replacing our Sheringham and Holkham Ranges and we will be phasing out our BurnhamRange in due course.

Because of the continued popularity of our Sheringham suite we will be bringing this product back on stream in February next year after having made some improvements.

We will be replacing the Holkham BTW pan and seat with a European alternative supplied at the same price as our current package and for Doc M pack and concealed cistern products it will be business as usual.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you the new products and will be offering competitive display rates to interested parties – and for the first time we will be able sell certain suites to you individually to reduce your stock holding commitments.

Expect spectacular new supporting literature to follow and watch this space!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on:

01603 488 709


Yours Sincerely

Richard Gates