Healey & Lord Urinals

Healey and Lord premium ceramic urinals are perfectly suited to modern contemporary, art-deco or traditional washroom schemes and are an inspired alternative to the standard ceramic urinal bowl.

The Niagara range of floor standing urinals can be customised to suit a range of design themes and is found in venues such as The Pavilion at Eaton College or immersed in a contemporary design such as the 31st floor of London's iconic Shard.

By contrast, the retro styled Florida urinals are installed in some world class establishments including Lords Cricket Ground, Crown Law Courts, Gentleman's Clubs, restaurant chains and even as far field as the Chifley Tower art-deco sky scraper in Sydney Australia. These compact urinal units are also suitable for more contemporary  design themes when specified as the Florida Black urinal range.

Niagara Floor Standing Urinals

Niagara Floor Standing Urinals by Healey & Lord

Florida Urinals

The Original Florida Urinal by Healey & Lord

Florida Black

Florida Urinals with a Twist by Healey & Lord

Chicago Art Deco Bathroom

Chicago Traditional Art Deco Bathroom Suite by Healey & Lord